"How Can I Avoid JavaScript Runtime Errors?"

The more complex your JavaScript program becomes, the more likely you are to encounter some nasty runtime errors that can really start to frustrate you and waste a lot of time!

What to do?

Try out the Elm programming language! It compiles to JavaScript code and is very useful when it comes to creating runtime free programs in JavaScript. It does this with something called 'type inference'.

All I know is that, even though I've just started to dip my toes into the Elm Language, I already really appreciate the helpfulness of the error messages that the Elm Compiler spits out. I also am really starting to enjoy the clean syntax.

They also have really cool packages like Elm UI which lets you create the design and layout of your application using Elm functions. All without having to touch any CSS or HTML.

You can use it as much or as little as you want in your application, so go ahead and take a deep dive by going through the Official Elm Guide here.

Also checkout this cool video on how to create a static site using Elm.

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