What's The Best Place To Learn Web Development As A Complete Beginner?

When I first started learning web development, I remember reading through some blog posts explaining how to do certain things and I remember it being completely over my head. Hell, I still experience this but the more I learn the more I find myself understanding more advanced blog tutorials.

The fact is, as a complete beginner it's hard to learn from people who are at the intermediate to advanced levels. The jargon and the concepts they're talking bout are just beyond your level of understanding. Obviously, this leaves you scratching your head.

What helped me the most as a complete beginner was going through MDN's "Learn Web Development" course and doing all of the exercises they present throughout the course.

They do a really good job of explaining web development to the complete beginner. By the time you finish that course, including the server-side programming section (I only did the NodeJS/ExpressJS server-side section), you'll really start to feel comfortable as a web developer. Will you know everything? Definitely not! But it's a great base level education and by the end you'll be able to create some awesome stuff!

Go give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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