How To Deploy Your Static Site With Custom Domain For Free

You finally figured out how to code your own static site from scratch, or hell maybe you swiped some free template from the Internet and customized it yourself. You want to use a custom domain you purchased already from, now you just need to figure out how to deploy your new site for all to see on the Internet.

The cheapest and easiest way that I've found is by using

They have a free option that allows the use of a custom domain. You also get SSL for your website by default via LetsEncrypt. Also, they have a really cool feature called "Continuous Deployment".

This means that all you have to do is sync with your website's Github Repo and every time you update your site and make a git commit to your Github Repo via your terminal, it'll automatically update your website with the changes.

This does of course require that you know how to use Git, which is a command line tool for 'version control'. There's a million resources online teaching you to learn Git and it sounds more complicated than it really is, so don't let that stop you because Git is an invaluable tool for any web developer.

Once you learn Git, you'll wonder how you got by without it. It's truly a lifesaver.

So go forth and deploy your awesome new static site my friend, and let me know how you fare.

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