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I know how hard it can be when trying to learn web development and programming. I know because I'm deep in the trenches right now and no matter how far you are on this path, there's always more to learn.

I started down this path back when I was about 18 with a simple html website. I didn't venture past that much for several years. Fast forward to age 23 and I began experimenting with Wordpress. I got really good at customizing themes, which was definitely useful, but I hesitated to call myself a 'web developer'.

How could I right?

To a small business owner that just wants a professional looking website that he can update on his own, I was a web developer, but you and I both know the world of web development is much bigger than Wordpress.

I focused on sales, marketing and copywriting for several years after that until I finally decided I needed to learn more code, especially Javascript.

This is when my journey lead me to FreeCodeCamp.org.

FCC is amazing and it helped me learn a lot more about CSS and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. It also helped give me an introduction to jQuery and Javascript.

I progressed as far as I could until I eventually ran having difficulties understanding the 'Basic Algorithmic Scripting' section of the course.


I started telling myself that I wasn't smart enough. That I couldn't do it. All the typical things you tell yourself when your mind is trying to make excuses.

This deterred me for several months. I went on to some other courses, like UpskillCourses.com which taught me how to make a dynamic website using Ruby On Rails. This course helped me learn git and some command line skills.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get Stripe Payments working by following the course so I was deterred yet again.

I decided to go back to studying Javascript and this is when I started going through the MDN 'Learning Web Development' course on the Mozilla website. I'm still going through this course but so far It's really helped me break past my plateau and connect a lot of dots.

I went through the free course at WatchAndcode.com as well which shows you how to create a todo list using vanilla Javascript which is awesome! I learned a lot from this course, especially how to use the Web Developer Tools Console Debugger tool to understand the code better.

I was a little disappointed that the course didn't go all the way and show me how to style the todo list the way the example is styled here. That CSS is still a little advance for me, but I'll figure it out soon enough!

Either way, I still recommend WatchAndCode.com as I definitely learned a lot from it.

I'm planning on going back and finishing up the FCC course after I finish the MDN course. Hopefully I'll understand the 'Basic Algorithm Scripting' section better this time.

In the long term, I plan on eventually learning NodeJS so I can be full-stack and I also plan on venturing down the DAPP 'rabbit hole' via Ethereum Protocol.

You can get a feel for how experienced I am (or not) on my Github page.

I started this blog as a way to push myself to be better. To help others and myself in the never ending journey we have set before to learn web development and/or become better web developers.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" - JFK

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